Anonymous asked:

If you could change Supernatural, what would you change? What do you think the writers aren't doing?

euclase answered:


Well, I’d stop killing women, for starters. I’d stop writing manpain and tragedy porn. I’d keep a continuity note or twenty.

I think Supernatural, in a way, wants to be like the X-Men. I think it wants to send the message that you get to choose you own family. Even if you end up with a bunch of lost, broken, unwanted monsters and freaks, those people can still be your family. The fallen angel, the ghost, the demon, the werewolf, even the town drunk. I think that’s what the show wants to tell us—that these people whom nobody else would ever include in a family still deserve one.

But for whatever macho, boring, sexist, misguided reason, that just hasn’t been allowed to happen. And I think that’s where the writers totally miss the boat.

Because the equivalent of “lost, broken, unwanted freak” in our world? It isn’t a straight able bodied white man, that’s for sure. It’s everyone else. It’s women, people of color, queer people, disabled people.

I love Sam and Dean, but I don’t give a shit about their suffering. They keep losing their friends? Bullshit. You don’t sulk in a corner because “boohoo the universe won’t let me have a family.” When the universe takes family away from you, you fight to get it back.

I want to see Sam and Dean grow up and learn that family can be who you choose, even if it’s the monsters and the freaks. I want them to fight for the family they deserve.


blackabsynthe asked:

Hi there! Just curious, what did you think of the last season of supernatural? I was a bit disappointed, I felt like the story was pretty much flimsy and the tension\drama between Sam and Dean was getting kinda repetitive... I really hope they won't let me down in the next, demon Dean has so much potential. Cheers! :) (sorry for my crappy english!)

euclase answered:

I tend not to judge shows on a season-to-season basis. Ultimately, I’m just going to remember the bits that I liked most.

But I can tell you one thing. Supernatural writers (and sometimes its actors) have yet to figure out who its fans actually are or why they like the show so much.

Supernatural writers (and sometimes its actors) have yet to figure out who its fans actually are or why they like the show so much.”

AGREED agreed agreed.

And I find myself in a similar situation with this and other shows, where I tend to remember the parts I liked the most - the parts that were beautiful, or that resonated with me personally, or that were funny, or that were powerful - while the rest (for better or for worse) becomes harder and harder for me to recollect. Bit like with friends, I suppose. (Not that I aim for ignorance or forgetfulness with this particular show when it screws up, because it does screw up and often in very big and terrible ways, and as content consumers and creators we need to be aware of that so we can fix it, and so we can not repeat the same mistakes.)

But yes, as for them still not really having a handle on just who it is they’re reaching and who it is that’s keeping them where they are - and WHY - I definitely agree that they are still missing the boat here.





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